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Vendor Screening

Every organization needs vendors to operate more efficiently, outsourcing non-essential functions to providers that are experts
in their field. You probably spend time considering the prices and services provided by potential vendors, but what about other
crucial factors that could create costly conflicts, be deeply embarrassing for your organization, or otherwise pose a threat to
your everyday operations? Potential liabilities like criminal records, corruption scandals, financial troubles, or disreputable
business relationships cannot always be identified through an in-house procurement process.

J-Screen can help protect your organization by conducting detailed screening of both potential and current vendors to provide
insight into their backgrounds, integrity, connections to organized crime, reputation and financial standing. Through the use
of public records, proprietary databases, compliance databases, on the ground investigation and industry sources we are able to
provide the most up to date, comprehensive legally obtainable information.

Our Vendor Screening reports cover the legal status and incorporation details of the company, Civil Litigation records,
Bankruptcy, known connections to Organized Crime, Criminality Information, Reputational Screening including business scandals,
Regulatory Searches, Financial Black Listings, Banned person and comprehensive Japanese media and press searches.

We have implemented comprehensive vendor screening programs into the Japanese operations of many of the leading global
financial, consulting, manufacturing and IT companies.

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