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When considering a business opportunity in Japan or Korea it is important to know exactly who you are dealing with. Obtaining
accurate information can be difficult due to complicated cultural barriers, limited availability of public records and the opaque
relationship between business and organized crime. Whether conducting pre IPO due diligence, entering new international joint
ventures, engaging new business partners or conducting client and vendor account screening, the best way to ensure you know
who you are dealing with is to employ a comprehensive screening program.

Investigative Due Diligence
In a global business environment, the need to know your partner is more vital than ever. Investigative Due Diligence is a crucial
part of the evaluation process before any major transaction such as pre-merger and acquisition inquiries, pre-IPO due diligence,
entering into new international joint ventures or engaging overseas business partners. Essentially it identifies "off balance sheet
risk" or other business risks that are not visible from financial or legal reviews. IVDD focuses on the key people and entities in a
given transaction or joint venture, their background, reputation, business scandals, track record, political and criminal connections
and litigation history.

Due Diligence Process
The J-Screen screening process is based on the premise of providing comprehensive, actionable and ethically obtained information.
Unlike other countries such as the US and UK, the public availability of information in Japan is extremely limited. As such we have
developed a five stage due diligence process to ensure that we are able to provide the most comprehensive information on a
company or individual in Japan. Our information is collected from 5 distinct sources:

1. Government records that are available to the general public through various public online or offline databases, such as
company registration searches, bankruptcy records, regulatory searches and others.

2. Private databases/records that are available to the general public through subscription such as comprehensive Japanese
Language press search, business databases such as Teikoku, TSR and others.

3. Private Resources – specific resources that we have developed overtime and are not available to the public, such as JASDAQ
recommended organized crime searches, Japanese Reputational Screening utilizing the "black media" and others.

4. Proprietary Databases / Resources – Databases and Resources that are proprietary to J-Screen, only available to J-Screen clients
and have been compiled over the last 14 years of operations. Examples include the Tokyo District Court civil litigation search
comprising of over 1 million records, the J-Screen Organized Crime and Criminality search focusing on companies and individuals
involved in criminal activities or with links to organized crime, J-Screen Politically Exposed Person database and others.

5. Local intelligence – Specific industry resources developed over the last 14 years providing insight into company / industry /
political reputation.

Using this information we have assisted many of the leading global financial and consulting companies in identifying potential
financially and reputational damaging business relationships in Japan.

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